TokenEx Advances Card Lifecycle Management to Enable Strategic Payment Processing

Strategic approach enhances security, PCI compliance and revenue; TokenEx enables proactive card-on-file updates, optimizes BIN lookups, and maximizes authorization rates

TULSA, Okla., Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TokenEx, the leading independent cloud tokenization provider, today announced multiple updates to the TokenEx Universal Tokenization Platform, which streamlines card lifecycle management to increase merchant security, PCI compliance, and revenue. The newest features, Account Updater, BIN Lookup, and Network Tokens, enable merchants to realize the strategic benefits of payment processing.

According to Gartner ®, digital commerce payment technologies should, “Treat payments as strategic, and create opportunities to increase revenue and profit by managing the payment experience and increasing acceptance rates. 1” 

According to the Merchant Risk Council (MRC), 2023 Global Ecommerce Payments And Fraud Report merchants are now using an average of 3.9 payment processors. Managing these disparate payment systems introduces complexity that hinders growth and creates compliance challenges. TokenEx Universal Tokens eliminate the dependency of managing multiple tokens from multiple payment providers and they desensitize payment card information to prevent primary account number (PAN) exposure during internal analysis or in the case of a data breach, which can reduce the scope of PCI compliance by 90 percent.

“Using TokenEx gives businesses an opportunity to increase revenue, open new markets quickly, grow their businesses, have better market share, control their payment processing, and partner with a safe technology company that covers all the different security standards,” said Fernando Flores, IT Director, VIVRI.

New features and benefits of TokenEx include:

  • Proactive card-on-file updatesTokenEx Account Updater enables merchants to proactively update expired, lost or stolen payment card information on file, which maximizes the profitability of recurring transactions. Likewise, their customers can avoid the frustration of unintended service interruptions.
  • Optimize transaction routing TokenEx BIN Lookup provides critical payment card data to route payment transactions, leading to increased authorizations, less fraud, and lower processing costs.
  • Reduce interchange fees and increase authorization ratesTokenEx Network Tokens provisions network tokens from card issuers, which reduces interchange rates and increases authorization rates.

“As payment experts, TokenEx understands that the success of our customers starts with a payment strategy focused on security, compliance, and revenue,” said Hetal Giaimo, SVP of Product & Technology at TokenEx. “Market trends require merchants to work with multiple payment providers, which can be time-consuming and expensive, but TokenEx alleviates this complexity to ensure our customers maximize their authorization rates and revenue while minimizing the burden of PCI compliance.”

Complimentary Tool Demonstrates ROI of Proactive Account Updates

TokenEx has released an Account Updater Calculator, a complimentary tool that enables merchants to determine how much revenue is at risk from out-of-date information.

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1 Gartner, Market Guide for Digital Commerce Payment Vendors, Dayna Radbill, Akif Khan, 2 December 2022.

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