Top Shelf Nutrition’s Immune Support Offers a Plethora of Health Benefits

From Deeper Sleep to Hormone Regulation, the Clean, Mean Supplement Formula Is Designed to Provide Top-Shelf Immune Support

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Top Shelf Nutrition has spent the past half-decade becoming a staple fitness supplement brand in its home state of Florida. More recently, it’s pushed its presence even further into the greater U.S. marketplace. During this time, Top Shelf has become synonymous with quality, transparency, and exponentially higher dosage. While its products help with both athletic performance and general health and wellness, at first, the company was primarily associated with the fitness scene.

“We were creating a lot of buzz, but in specific areas,” explains Top Shelf co-founder Connor Hair, “We were trending in gyms and fitness centers, but we knew we had more value to give to the larger health and wellness community.”

With this in mind, Hair and his co-founder, Nick Giovannetti, began developing a pair of new products that they continue to sell to this day. The first is a nutrient-rich superfood product that serves as an excellent dietary supplement. The other is a unique immunity booster called Top Shelf Immune Support.

“With Immune Support, our goal was to help individuals enhance their health and quality of life outside of the gym,” Giovannetti explains, “We wanted to create a clean source of daily vitamins to help with everything from basic things like sleep to the things we forget to consider, like bone density.”

Immune Support is loaded with an elite set of essential nutritional compounds. However, rather than include a laundry list of ingredients in small quantities, the pair of co-founders opted to focus on a high dose of four key ingredients: zinc and vitamins C, D3, and K2.

The active ingredients in the formula all come from organic, natural sources. They are non-GMO and gluten-free, as well, and use stevia rather than artificial sweeteners. Taken consistently over time, these ingredients can help promote deeper, more holistic sleep and regulate hormone production. As mentioned by Giovannetti, they also improve bone density and are able to support a well-functioning immune system.

“There are many immunity supplements on the market,” says Hair, “but none of them focus on our unique formula of limited, high-dosage nutrients. That’s why our product is able to deliver targeted, measurable results that keep you strong, healthy, and firing on all cylinders, whether you’re going to the gym, heading into work, or just taking it easy for the day.”

About Top Shelf Nutrition
Top Shelf Nutrition was launched by Connor Hair and Nick Giovannetti in 2016 when the co-founders were still sophomores at Florida State University. While in college, the pair created their own effective pre-workout product using high-quality, raw ingredients. The formula quickly gained an avid following, and before long, the company was off to the races. Since that time, the Top Shelf Nutrition team has expanded the brand’s catalog with a range of additional health and fitness products, all of which have been picked up by various retailers across the Sunshine State and beyond. Learn more at

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