Transcending Time and Space with Historically Inspired Desi Fashion – Global Designer, Shreya Patel, Debuts Latest RAAS Collection: ‘The Elegance of Glitz and Glam: Styles of Every Era’

CHICAGO, Feb. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RAAS International Clothing Inc unveiled its latest collection in a stunning blaze of kaleidoscopic color. The Glitz and Glam Collection is a serious nod to the historical and cultural impact of Desi fashion, showcasing signature bold hues, richly embroidered designs, along with sleek styling that evokes the South Asian subcontinent. A harmonious blend of traditional, modern, and ageless looks, Patel’s collection is a living testament to the beauty and importance achieved by looking to the past for inspiration while stepping fearlessly into the future. The Glitz and Glam Collection is available at exclusive boutiques and directly from RAAS International Clothing online.

We’re very excited to launch Glitz and Glam as a way to honor our roots and demonstrate what our fashion has become,” said Shreya Patel. “I started getting the first few ideas for this after being featured in 2022 during New York Fashion Week. That was a resounding success and a personal victory for me – showing my work to some of the fashion world’s biggest luminaries. It was a significant milestone in the growing evolution of our fashion house.”

All great collections are important narratives, so Glitz and Glam definitely has a story to tell,” explained Patel. “The clothing represents the journeys and lives of the women who went before us. The pieces wrap you in sensuous color, clothing the form in multihued and flowing splendor, while offering sparkling glimmers that hint at possibilities to come. Glitz and Glam is daring, handmade, and a delightful mix of old-world beauty with modern sensibilities.”

“Environmental sustainability continues to inspire and drive us as well, and we are absolutely dedicated to the end of fast fashion,” Patel said. “The issue doesn’t get enough attention, but fast fashion is incredibly wasteful and responsible for more annual carbon emissions than all international flights and ocean shipping combined. It has to stop. And this is why our aim has always been to build robust ethical supply chains between those we rely on and the ones who rely on us – fostering healthy growth while strongly advocating for both personal and global wellness. We live and thrive as one, which is why we say we are Growing Together.”

To view select pieces from Glitz and Glam, or to learn more about sustainable fashion, follow RAAS on social media – #GrowingTogether on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok.

About RAAS International Clothing Inc. – The Global Naari®

RAAS is the Chicago-based fashion house and studio of creative director and designer Shreya Patel. At the age of 51, Patel established the hugely successful South Asian fashion label after deciding she wanted to turn her passion for design into a career. But she quickly realized that there were some major problems in the industry she had to address first: like the severe lack of sustainability along with pressing questions about the ethical aspects of the clothing manufacturing process.

To overcome these issues, Patel enrolled at the world famous Parsons School of Design to gain the necessary practical skills to align her vision with her passion. She then went on to launch a fashion brand that showcases her design aesthetics using sustainable and ethical practices. Paired with good working conditions and fair wages for her artisans, Patel had a successful first collection and was later joined by her daughter in a true family partnership. Both collaborate creatively, recently designing a casual label that is focused on high quality and sustainable designer pieces with clothing that is accessible to anyone.

RAAS has become a lighthouse of hope for many, empowering all those who aspire to do more in life. A firm believer of growing together in an ethical way – one that extends beyond fashion – Patel now employs many dedicated Indian artisans who share her vision and are happy to turn their passion into purpose. View the latest RAAS designs and learn more at:

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