Tree3, Social Commerce Platform Turning Influence into Income Closes Major Agreement with Sideview Ventures to Fuel the Creator Economy

DALLAS, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — tree3, the fastest growing Social E-Commerce Platform, Turning Influence Into Income – Closes Major Agreement with Investor, Side View Ventures, to Advance New Creator Economy Enterprise

The future of creator storefronts is here…

E-commerce platform tree3 and Side View Ventures (SVV) announced the close of a major investment deal to help propel the future of the creator economy. SVV is the largest owner of two companies that drive value to tree3: Un/Comm Media Agency, an aggregator of creators with tens of millions of potential customers, and PFC3, a media and nutraceutical business created in partnership with celebrity nutritionist Mark MacDonald. PCF3 has selected tree3 to be their e-commerce store for their 10 million plus users. The multitiered venture continues a tree3 expansion plan based on appealing to creators and their audiences across a wide variety of industries.

“Members of Sideview Ventures has helped fund hundreds of consumer product businesses with over $6 billion in products sold worldwide,” said Katina Kenyon, CEO of tree3. “We are proud to have their support and ready to power up their creators and brands with the tree3 platform.”

UN/COM Management Agency – A Growing Pool of Creators.

UN/COM has a unique approach to commercializing the audiences of its creators under its management. “Creators from UN/COM provide brands highly engaged communities. The arrogated audiences, built by UN/COM, are provided a guided shopping experience from tree3,” said Katina Kenyon.

UN/COM’s roster of creators will reach over 200 million unique followers by the end of 2023. tree3’s creators are currently at 150 million followers. This gives a combined reach of +350M potential shoppers. The collective power enables tree3 to secure more lucrative brand sponsorships for their content creators, delighting shoppers that drive tree3’s storefronts.

PFC3 Holdings – An Important Group of Healthy Living Influencers

Mark MacDonald, world renowned nutrition & fitness expert, 2X best-selling author, TV personality, international teacher to millions, and entrepreneur has sold hundreds of millions in nutraceuticals. He is the “father” of blood sugar stabilization through proteins, fats and carbs, every three hours. Mark has trained millions across 66 countries. This system is followed by over 20,000 health professionals, thousands of gyms, and celebrities.

About tree3 LLC

tree3 is one of the most active ecommerce platforms, devoted to a broad spectrum of creators, including sports and entertainment celebrities, universities and organizations, along with the brands they promote, and their fans and loyal followers. Providing a full suite of services in a one-cart shopping experience, tree3 makes it easy for creator fans and followers to shop posts on social media, find the items they want, and complete transactions without external redirection to brand/retailer websites. tree3 offers the unique ability to curate your own storefront, giving its storefront owners complete control over the brands they feature, their image, and their messaging – keeping their fans on-target and on-message through the whole experience, while allowing users to buy from multiple retailers and still check out from the same storefront. And all of it, absolutely free to users.

tree3’s mission is to honor content creators, monetize their influence and power the shopping experience behind their content., a game-changer in how shoppers’ shop!

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