Trust Supplement Offers Honest, Realistic Support for Weight Loss, Mental Health, and Other Fitness Goals

The Canadian Dietary Supplement Brand’s Products Are Built on the Promise of Trust, Transparency, and Results

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, nearly half (41%) of Americans have come to see themselves as overweight. In addition, mental health concerns like stress and anxiety have come into the spotlight like never before. As a growing number of individuals search for ways to maintain a healthy mind and body, they face challenges finding the tools that can naturally and effectively turn these health and fitness goals into reality. Anthony Perron, CEO of the Canadian supplement brand Trust Supplements, thinks access to high-quality nootropics may be part of the solution.

“The demand for nootropics is growing every year,” says Perron, “athletes, office workers, those working the night shift, moms and dads — anyone in a high-performance environment or following an offbeat schedule can use a leg up when it comes to staying focused on their fitness goals. When a product can help them focus during a hectic work day or calm a busy mind and lose weight at the same time, it’s even better.”

Perron goes on to explain that while the demand is increasing, nootropic supplements remain a niche market with limited product choices. “There just aren’t a lot of options out there. The lack of variety means consumers don’t have a ton of choices when it comes to what they can buy.”

This gap in the market led Perron to create Opti Brain and Night Burn, two cognitive and fitness-focused supplements that revolve around delivering on relevant and realistic promises. They have easy-to-read labels, natural and effective ingredients, and no proprietary formulas.

“I already have a successful supplement company in Canada,” Perron continues, “and I thought I would apply the same thoughtful, genuine business approach to creating high-quality nootropic supplements that also help with weight loss. Kind of a one-two punch. The results have blown a lot of our customers away — including a growing number of people in the U.S.”

Night Burn, for example, addresses the very modern and prevalent issues of sleep, anxiety, and stress. Pew Research reported that 41% of U.S. adults experienced high levels of stress during the early stages of the pandemic, and the American Psychological Association was still reporting elevated stress levels long afterward. Too much stress and chronic anxiety can impact sleep, compounding the issue.

Night Burn uses natural ingredients like skullcap and ashwagandha to reduce cortisol levels. This alleviates stress and anxiety and allows the body to truly fall into a deeper sleep. GABA and magnesium help with neurotransmitter balance and muscle recovery, aiding the healing process as the body rests, too. To top it off, an additional nutritional complex including L-carnitine, chromium, and grains of paradise boost metabolism, triggering fat burn while the body sleeps.

Opti Brain offers a similar combination of targeted nutritional ingredients, all aimed at creating genuine, relevant results, although in this case, the goal is maximum energy, focus, and productivity. Together, the pair of nootropic supplements are equipping Canadians (and soon, Americans, too) with the support they need to reclaim mental health, lose weight, and achieve their fitness goals in the year ahead.

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Trust Supplement was founded by serial entrepreneur Anthony Perron. The CEO has spent years building a reputation as a gym owner and coach for bodybuilders and professional athletes. In the past, Perron used his vast and intimate knowledge in the areas of nutrition, physical education, and fitness to launch a successful Canadian supplement company. This paved the way for the creation of Trust Supplement as a way to bring trustworthy, high-quality, genuinely effective supplements to Americans interested in cultivating their health and overall quality of life. Learn more at

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