Tulip Tree Gardens Launches Expanded Range of Farm-to-Bottle CBD Products

BEECHER, Ill., Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tulip Tree Gardens, an independent farm located 40 miles south of Chicago, introduces its expanded line of CBD products nationally, just in time for holiday gift-giving.

Tulip Tree Gardens products are farm-to-bottle, meaning that owner Rachael Smedberg and her husband, Jesse, create them from hemp that they grow and process on-site. Tulip Tree sells full-spectrum CBD oils and citrus-infused CBD oils, plus topical CBD products including facial oil, lip balm and body creams. All Tulip Tree Gardens products are available online and at the Tulip Tree Gardens on-site daily market.

“We started Tulip Tree Gardens because we became obsessed with regenerative agriculture to help protect and improve the health of the earth and its inhabitants,” said Rachael Smedberg. “We’re first-generation famers practicing regenerative farming and making high-quality CBD products from hemp that we grow and we do it all on-site at our farm.”

Know Where Your CBD Comes From

CBD has gained recognition for its potential to help ease pain, regulate inflammation, alleviate stress and anxiety, impact sleep quality, aid digestion and support immunity. But much of the CBD on the market is from unidentifiable sources and lacks clarity on quality and dosing.

Tulip Tree Gardens Stands Out in Five Distinct Ways:

1.  Made from hemp that is farmed regeneratively without pesticides or herbicides

2.  Every product is traceable to its exact hemp origin and includes a QR code with details and usage tips. (Most CBD products use “white label” oil that could come from anywhere.)

3.  Every batch is lab-tested to guarantee safety and purity.

4.  Tulip Tree Gardens CBD products are clearly dosed.

5.  As a seed-to-bottle producer, Tulip Tree is able to price superior products lower than other brands.

On pricing, Jesse Smedberg says, “We don’t think people should have to go broke to feel well.”

Give the Gift of Self Care

“Self-care is essential to overall well-being,” adds Rachael Smedberg. “We offer high-quality products and education that make self-care through CBD easy and affordable.”

Especially now, CBD products are an ideal gift option. Through Dec. 31, Tulip Tree Gardens is offering 10 percent off with promo code REGEN10 and free shipping on every order of $50 and up.

CBD products are great for anyone seeking self-care and are especially popular for older individuals who may have aches, pains and other conditions that can benefit from CBD.

  • CBD Oils, including Black Cumin Oil, which is packed with antioxidants to keep immunity strong. Great paired with CBD lip balm! ($10) Choose from concentrations ranging from 500mg to 3000mg per ounce. From $55$90.
  • CBD Facial Oil – Offers superior moisturization that lets skin breathe, with CBD that calms skin and offers anti-inflammatory benefits. $45
  • Smokable Flower – From $10$40, choose from two or five-packs of pre-rolls in your choice of strains, or loose dried flower to roll your own.

Regenerative Farming is Essential for the Health of the Planet

A recent documentary entitled “Kiss the Ground” (on Netflix) explores the dire issue of topsoil erosion across the planet. Commercial farming and climate change have led to a serious deficit of healthy soils on the planet, setting the stage for challenges in food production and climate change.

Unlike organic farming, which requires expensive certifications and is a “one-way” practice, where nothing is returned to the soil, regenerative farming takes from and gives back to the earth, helping preserve topsoil and improving soil health. By not tilling, carbon stays in the soil, instead of spreading into the atmosphere and exacerbating the greenhouse gas issue. Planting diverse cover crops such as hay, barley and rye feeds the soil with nutrients to keep it thriving.  “This our life’s calling,” Smedberg says.

Tulip Tree Gardens, started in 2015 by Rachael Smedberg and her husband, Jesse, practices regenerative farming and sells its CBD products and fresh produce online and at its farm market in Beecher, IL. Visit www.tuliptreegardensco.com and follow on Instagram and Facebook @tuliptreegardens.

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SOURCE Tulip Tree Gardens