Two Sisters Launch New Online Boutique Selling Apparel That Promotes Social Awareness and Positive Messaging

TORONTO, March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Moodish, a new online boutique that sells locally designed clothing and accessories that promote social awareness and positive messaging, launches its operations today.

Moodish was founded in Toronto by two sisters: Penelope Christoff, a Social Service Worker and Mary Christoff, a Graphic Designer. Both created Moodish as a result of their passion for creating empowering socially conscious content. 

“Our mission is to create designs that highlight social issues that we feel deserve a spotlight, in the hopes of generating important conversations,” said Penelope Christoff, cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of the company. 

“It’s not easy starting a business in the middle of a pandemic, and it’s also a challenge to be in business with your sister, but Penny and I have complementary skills so the partnership made sense. Her being a social worker and me being a graphic designer is a perfect mix for a business like this,” said Mary Christoff, cofounder and Chief Creative Officer.

Moodish carries an array of products, including tote bags, sweatshirts, baby onesies, smartphone cases and backpacks. The company plans to continue launching new designs and products aiming to promote various causes and social movements. Moodish also has several ongoing collections, which include:

  • Boldishly Cute – designs that promote various social causes, such as issues affecting the LGBTQ community, women’s rights, etc.
  • The Candied Heart – designs that use iconic phrases to generate positive and empowering spinoffs
  • Mixed with Luv – family-friendly designs which illustrate compound words coming together and conveying a message of diversity and love

Visitors can learn more about the company and its products on their website:

Press contact:

Name: Amine R.
Phone: 647-348-4995

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