Video Shopping in Your Pocket: Goodscast Launches New Video Shopping Marketplace on the App Store

SYDNEY, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Goodscast has launched a new mobile app allowing anyone to buy and sell goods using video. This means sellers can now quickly capture and show off items in hundreds of different angles in a matter of seconds, making the decision to purchase easier and safer for buyers.

Founder and CEO of Goodscast, Angus Scutt says, "This is a huge step forward from traditional marketplaces where buyers really only get a glimpse of the product they’re buying since the angles they can see of the product are directly limited to the amount of photos a seller uploads."

The average adult in the US spends over 100 minutes a day watching video content on their mobile device. Video is fast becoming the most popular way to consume information so it’s logical it would eventually leak over to the world of eCommerce.

"Our focus at the moment is pre-owned fashion," says Scutt. "Anything we can do to help facilitate the reduction of waste will have a positive impact on the environmental sustainability of our planet. Pre-owned generally comes with some degree of wear-and-tear and video makes it easier for the seller to quickly capture anything worth noting and telling potential buyers about."

Goodscast protects buyers and sellers by processing all payments within the app, holding payment until the buyer receives the product as advertised before it is released to the seller.

Goodscast also describes itself as a "Social Marketplace". The entire app is abundant in features you would expect in a social media platform. Users can like, comment, tag their friends, share listings, follow their friends and favorite sellers, and also gain their own followers to sell to.

"The pre-owned market is increasing in popularity as particularly younger generations move away from fast fashion" says Scutt. By 2025 the pre-owned market is projected to reach $77 billion – up from $36 billion in 2021. This growth is a massive 11 times the rate of the broader retail clothing sector.

Goodscast is available to download on the App Store in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Goodscast is a software technology company based out of Sydney, Australia. We specialize in consumer software in the eCommerce industry.

Angus Scutt


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