Vitamins Have Always Been an Inconvenience …Until Now

Soul Strips Is Using Edible Strips to Create Hyperconvenient Vitamins for the Entire Family (Even the Dog!)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — It’s hard to find natural and holistic supplements that really work. Consistency in sourcing, potency, dosage, and quality of ingredients are concerns across the industry. Even once a person is able to find a brand that they can trust for their supplements, they must figure out which products are the best for their particular mental or physical health needs. From there, they need to take the supplement consistently.

In 2019, approximately 77% of Americans aged 18 and over were taking dietary supplements. Despite this impressive number, the battle for consistency continues to remain a central part of the supplement experience.

“Consistency is arguably the hardest part of all,” explains Avinash Madhavan, co-founder of the health brand Soul Strips. “If you need to have several bottles or containers and a glass of water handy, this makes it hard to take your vitamins unless you’re at home. Even then, you need to set reminders and create routines to ensure that you don’t forget to take your fist full of pills at the same time every day. That’s why we created Soul Strips. Our goal is to make that essential source of nutrients hyperconvenient.”

Avinash goes on to emphasize how important consistency is with nutraceutical supplements, in particular, “They aren’t like a pain killer or allergy medicine. You’re filling crucial nutritional gaps in your body. The results are cumulative. You can’t eat a healthy meal and expect all of your health problems to go away. It requires weeks and even months of healthy eating. The same goes for supplements. That means you have to take the vitamins correctly over a long period of time to see a positive change.”

To help with this struggle, Avinash and his co-founder, Sharath Madhavan, created Soul Strips. The nutraceutical brand provides important vitamins and minerals on edible strips of film. These are individually packaged in tiny pouches that can fit in a purse, a wallet, or even a pocket. They travel well and are designed for various adult health needs as well as those of children and even pets. All a person needs to do is pop the film on their tongue for 60 seconds and wait for the nutrients to absorb directly through the oral cavity into the bloodstream.

“Vitamins are important, but they’re also inconvenient,” declares Madhavan. “Soul Strips maintains that nutritional quality factor, but it turns each vitamin-taking experience into a quick, tasty, and hyperconvenient activity that can happen anytime, anywhere, and for anyone — even your dog.”

About Soul Strips
Soul Strips operates out of Mumbai, India and was launched in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs Sharath Madhavan and Avinash Madhavan. The co-partners created the brand out of a vision to use cutting-edge nanotechnology to create hyper-convenient, uniquely bioavailable supplements for men, women, and children. Soul Strips products are sugar-free, preservative-free, and plant-based. They are a holistic health solution designed around preserving health and enhancing quality of life. Learn more at

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