Viva Casa Reposado Tequila Hits the Market

MIAMI, March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Viva Casa Reposado Tequila is unlike anything you have ever tasted, bringing you the good vibes of Tulum to Miami with its fragrant notes of honey and vanilla! 

Tulum Reposado Miami is a 100% Mexican Blue Agave Tequila blended with the sweetness of honey and vanilla to capture the pure essence of the Miami vibe. This is a premium drink that can be enjoyed in a cocktail, on the rocks, or as a shot due to reaching perfection during our aging process. 

At Viva Casa, we understand the quality of tequila is only as good as the flavor. In fact, the term "reposado" means "well-rested" referring to the time the tequila is spent resting in its oak barrels. This high-end reposado features a strong oak flavor alongside the hint of vanilla and strength of the aftertaste of agave after its aging period of two to twelve months. An ideal reposado, like Tulum Reposado Miami, is aged to perfection and only pulled from barrels on demand, to ensure the proper flavor enhancements have taken place giving you the versatility to enjoy your beverage just how you like it. And the best part is it’s affordable–only $25 for a high-end tequila that isn’t high-end in price!

At Viva Casa, we believe that high-quality tequila can be affordable! While others compensate flavor for price, our distilled beverage is made from the extract of the blue agave plant to create the best-tasting, versatile liquor perfect for a margarita or mixed drink!

Catch a vibe with us and toast to a taste of Tulum!  Visit to order your very own bottle of Tulum Reposado Tequila. 

About Viva Casa:

Viva Casa is a local Miami company dedicated to the creation and production of high-quality differentiated liquor, inspired by the exotic flavors of the world! Complementing the brand with a tropical elegance, Viva Casa is your go-to local brand for events, special occasions, and private enjoyment. Tulum Reposado Miami is Viva Casa’s first product (of many to be created) perfectly capturing the essence of a true reposado and pairing it with the fragrance of honey and vanilla. This liquor truly captures the Miami vibe and we even have a QR Code that links to a Spotify playlist for music to match the electricity of Miami. Join us on our journey and toast to a Taste of Tulum!

Andres Gonzalez


SOURCE Viva Casa Reposado Tequila