WALK-i-TASK Launches a Treadmill Desk Attachment That Reinvents the Way You Work From Home

WALK-i-TASK™ now offers a height adjustable treadmill desk attachment that turns your treadmill into an ergonomic active workstation. Prioritize your health without sacrificing productivity.

DETROIT, March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — WALK-i-TASK™, the North American leader in treadmill accessories, has launched a new invention. With 70% of Americans sitting for 6+ hours during the workday, there is a growing demand for work-from home health and wellness resources. The WALK-i-TASK™ treadmill desk attachment provides a superior solution to help you eliminate your sedentary lifestyle while staying productive.

While other options might look interesting from a cost perspective, DIY projects and flat boards won’t cut it. Not only are they dangerous for your laptop, but they also force you to hunch over causing neck and back pain. In contrast, the WALK-i-TASK’s patented ergonomic design is height adjustable to ensure that users of all heights are comfortable.

“We are thrilled to offer the first ever height adjustable desk that attaches to a variety of home treadmills. Flat boards and DIY desks are a challenge to use because they can cause neck and back issues. This is why WALK-i-TASK was created” said the Co-Founder of WALK-i-TASK™. “With our height adjustable desk, we have made walking while working much more practical. WALK-i-TASK is a comprehensive solution for anyone who is looking to add more steps to their daily routine.”

WALK-i-TASK’s unique features separate it from other treadmill desk attachments on the market:

  • Height adjustable for optimal comfort
  • Easy to attach and detach for transitioning from walking to running
  • Tilts for reading and keeping the desk level while walking on an incline

The WALK-i-TASK™ desk is compatible with the majority of treadmill brands and models including NordicTrack, iFit, Sole, ProForm, and many more.

You don’t have to work from home to benefit from the WALK-i-TASK™ desk. Whether users are browsing the internet, streaming, or online shopping, it can all be done while walking. Users burn 250% more calories while walking vs seated.

WALK-i-TASK™ customers receive a 21-day trial to eliminate concerns that may have regarding walking and typing simultaneously. Buy the WALK-i-TASK™ today for $189.99. The desk arrives fully assembled and includes free shipping to the US & Canada. WALK-i-TASK is tested and trusted by fitness professionals, physical therapists, and cardiologists. For more details, please visit https://www.walkitask.com or email

About WALK-i-TASK™ 

Founded in 2019, WALK-i-TASK™ was created to help people accomplish tasks typically done seated while on the move. WALK-i-TASK™, a category innovator in treadmill accessories, has developed a first-of-its-kind height adjustable desk attachment for your home treadmill. The patented design allows you to adjust the desk to fit most treadmill brands and models. WALK-i-TASK™ is a North American leader in treadmill accessories and continues to help people eliminate their sedentary lifestyle. WALK-i-TASK™ has earned awards for providing best-in class customer service. With fulfillment centers in the USA and Canada, WALK-i-TASK™ is reinventing the way North Americans work from home. 

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