Walking in DIGITAL – Triplpoint 40º-73º Launches Luxury Bespoke Shoe Label with Line of Handmade Italian Footwear Named After Exclusive Clients

NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Triplpoint unveiled its inaugural line of direct-to-consumer boutique Italian footwear created for a distinguished clientele, including artisan-crafted shoes, boots, and booties of Italian leather handmade by a single family of shoemakers. Each Triplpoint design is named for the woman who inspired the creation. Led by, Domenico "Dom" Sgambellone’s vision of the current and future direction of where people are heading, Triplpoint maintains a delicate balance between being in vogue and serving as the perfect enhancement accent to any modern wardrobe. The Triplpoint line is currently available online.

With a passion for styling women that spans over two decades, lead designer and Triplpoint President, Dom, explained the motivation behind his new shoe label:

"I’ve been in the luxury shoe business and listening to customers for over 25 years, and it’s just in my blood at this point. I would not want to be doing anything else. Moving to create my own line was always the end goal, and now that it’s a reality, I couldn’t be happier. The company’s name is very personal and symbolic to me as well.

"Triplpoint stands for the three states of water: solid, liquid, and vapor. It speaks to versatility – the ability to adapt and change as necessary, always appropriate to the environment. And 40°-73° references the latitude and longitude coordinates for New York City – one of the greatest fashion design capitals in the world. Our designs are very NYC chic."

What is it like to design such an exclusive line of shoes?

"Each design starts with a new client – so the journey is always a unique one. I usually have an end-look in mind, but I listen and learn directly from my customers, all of whom are world-class, seasoned travelers. So they are extremely discerning in style and fit. They demand the best, and that means going to Italy for shoe manufacture. Italian shoemakers are world famous for a reason: since the end of WWII, Italy has become the absolute center of high-end luxury shoes and boots."

"We chose a family of artisans as our partners, with over 100 years of crafting experience. We were fortunate to find such a talented family – two sisters, a mother and father team. They understand exactly what our customers need and want, and because each shoe is handmade, each shoe is unique and limited in quantity. Maintaining this level of personal excellence and old-world Italian artistry is important to us. It means exclusivity and luxury. You’re not going to bump into dozens of other women who are wearing the exact same shoes from us. And that’s how we like it."

What is the bespoke design process like?

"Our overall concept is to visualize a NYC vibe and look for today’s modern customer. We’re always speaking directly with our clients, creating styles they want to see. But at the same time, we want our footwear to be a comfortable fit all day long. A beautiful shoe is useless if you can’t wear it for very long. As I tell my customers: you can argue with your boyfriend, or you can argue with your husband – but you absolutely can’t argue with your feet. One of my most discerning customers – my wife – absolutely agrees. She designed two shoes specifically for her: Sugarhill Cheryl and Cyberpunk Cheryl. They are both perfect examples of the style, quality, and refinement that clients can expect from Triplpoint."

For more information on the Triplpoint line, or to inquire about booking an individual consulting session to design a bespoke shoe, visit Triplpoint online.

Media Contact:
Domenico Sgambellone


SOURCE Triplpoint 40°-73°