Wasn’t It Worth the Wait? Get Your Bright and Warm Journey Started with The Brand New REIDEA Electronic Arc Lighter

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — REIDEA R1 Arc Electronic Lighter has been introduced as an upgraded version of its predecessor, and this new and improved model has a square shape, and can store 20% more energy. The power display lets consumers know when their battery is about to charge, and in addition to the security lock of the previous model, this model features a complete protection feature.

REIDEA introduces a newly upgraded rechargeable lighter to ensure that lighting your candle is a unique experience. Say goodbye to burnt fingers and hello to an extra touch of luxury. A high voltage electric arc produces heat to ignite the flame, making this S4 lighter safer and more convenient than an open flame lighter.

After the success of the S4 ARC electronic lighter on Amazon, REIDEA continues to use the high-quality materials and design that customers love. This is why it has created a newly upgraded version of the R1 arc lighter. By redesigning upgraded products from the consumer’s perspective, REIDEA hopes to make its use more convenient and safer than ever before.

With the upgraded R1, customers have to open the bottom safety lock before they can activate the power button. This is to prevent children from accidentally touching the power button at home. As part of the upgrade, the REIDEA team increased the battery life of the electronic lighter by 20%, which increases use time, reduces the charge time and now there are four LED power displays to enable customers to understand the electronic lighter’s power and charge at any time.

The REIDEA team has always been committed to creating high quality yet innovative products, focusing on every small detail to provide customers with a better quality of life experience. Every REIDEA product has been rigorously tested to ensure your safety and give you peace of mind. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to light up your favorite moments and be immersed in an atmosphere of romance, joy, and happiness with this stylish electronic lighter.

Get it today on the REIDEA website and experience warmth at your fingertips!

Shirley Lau
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