When Life Gives You Lemons Turn to Fresh Wave: Introducing New Lemon-Scented Odor-Eliminating Products

Leading Producer of Plant-Based Odor Remover Releases New Lemon-Scented Line

CHICAGO, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fresh Wave, a leading brand of plant-based, all-natural odor removers, has launched its new line of lemon-scented products. With the same trusted science-backed formula that removes pungent odors without the use of harmful chemicals and synthetic fake fragrances, this new line of products will reinvigorate cleaning routines with the crisp, bright scent of real lemon.

Fresh Wave’s lemon-scented products are made with real lemons, leaving any space smelling just as fresh as the fruit used to make them. In addition to removing odors and leaving a pleasant fragrance, the lemon scent is proven to have many mental health benefits, such as boosting moods, invigorating one’s mind and combating feelings of anxiety, according to recent research.

Fresh Wave’s focus has always been on incorporating science into its odor-removing products.

"For over 30 years, we have been deodorizing spaces with our plant-based odor-removing chemistry, and we are excited to offer customers another scent option for removing odors," said Dr. Laura Haupert, Ph.D., chief scientific officer at Fresh Wave. "The new line of lemon-scented products encourages consumers to develop lasting habits in their routines to keep their spaces fresh and energized, reclaiming their zest for life."

Unlike most air fresheners, Fresh Wave’s lemon line, which includes spray, gel and packs (MSRP $7.99$14.99), doesn’t mask smells, but rather eliminates them completely by neutralizing the odor molecules in the air and leaving behind real, fresh air with a hint of lemon scent. Fresh Wave has a solution for every household odor, including even the toughest cooking, bathroom, pet, and smoke odors.

Fresh Wave’s lemon line is available now at www.FreshWaveWorks.com and Amazon, as well as select retailers.

About Fresh Wave
Fresh Wave is a leading plant-based odor eliminator that removes everyday odors without harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances. With a commitment to the environment in mind, Fresh Wave’s science-backed products have a solution for every household odor, leaving only fresh air behind by using safe, simple ingredients and natural chemistry. Follow Fresh Wave for the latest product news, promotions and inspiration on Facebook and Instagram. For more information or to find Fresh Wave near you, visit freshwaveworks.com.

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